Certification Seminars for

National Judges

Welcome to the

National Figure Skating Judge Certification Seminars in Single Skating

Unlock the secrets of figure skating judging with series of seminars tailored for individuals aspiring to become national figure skating judges. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just looking to deepen your knowledge, these seminars provide a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate world of figure skating judging.

Requirements to become National Judge*

Minimum Age

Candidates must be at least 21 years of age.


Good knowledge of spoken and written English.

Active Participation

Candidates must have been actively involved in figure skating as a competitor (professional or hobby class), coach, official for a minimum of 5 years.

Skating Knowledge

Candidates must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of figure skating, including elements, disciplines (singles, pairs, ice dance), and rules and regulations.

Commitment to Learning

Candidates should express a commitment to ongoing education and professional development in figure skating judging, including attending seminars and workshops.

Communication Skills

Ability to convey information effectively and clearly to others.

* If your goal is solely to enhance your understanding of figure skating judging (not to become judge yourself), feel free to disregard the specified requirements.

Seminar Schedule

Introduction to Judging


  • Duties of judges/referees
  • Code of ethics
  • Essential documents: technical rules, constitution, communications, ISU page
  • Elements/requirements for Singles (SP and FS)
  • Grade of Execution (GOE) and those tricky positive bullets

PRICE 60 Eur

Judging Panels’ Composition and Judging System


  • The dynamic world of officials and their event responsibilities
  • ISU judging system secrets and how it shapes overall scores
  • Elements’ evaluation, all brought to life through selected video snippets
  • New judging sheets, and mastering the art of filling them out
  • A lot of practice and opportunity to work on ISU judging system

PRICE 60 Eur

Components and Program Evaluation


  • Deep dive into Components and overall program evaluation
  • Immersive experience in initial judges meeting and round table discussions
  • Live judging of specific icebeat competition groups, with instant round table discussions on your marks versus actual judges marks

PRICE 60 Eur



  • Elements’ recognition
  • A written examination
  • Real-time programs’ evaluation (judging with ISU judging system using selected videos)
  • Round table discussion
  • Results

PRICE 70 Eur

Price for all seminars including examination when paying at once 190 Eur

Certification and Beyond


Successfully completing the examination grants eligibility to judge in upcoming national and interclub competitions in Lithuania under supervision.


After two events with positive evaluations, judges will earn a spot on the Lithuanian Skating Federation’s esteemed judges list.


Be ready for invitations to judge in all national and interclub competitions hosted in Lithuania.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey towards becoming a certified national figure skating judge? Secure your spot now and let the learning adventure begin.

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Registration is until December 8, 2023